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Music & swimming, freediving, diving and synchronised swimming


We are not fish, but our bond with water is unquestionable and unbreakable. Since ancient times, man has had to deal with this element, out of necessity but also for pleasure and to overcome his own limits. 

Practising a water sport is not only fun but also brings numerous benefits to both body and mind. There are sports that are more relaxing, such as swimming and apnea, but also action-packed, beautiful and adrenalin-pumping, such as diving or synchronised swimming (there are many other water sports but I will not discuss them for the moment).

Swimming seems an unnatural technique for those of us who breathe air, but according to the numerous testimonies that have come down to us, it is a very ancient practice. Just think of the drawings of divers and swimmers found near Wadi Sura, Egypt, from around 6,000 years ago. 

In Paestum, Italy, we have similar evidence, such as the Tomb of the Diver, probably dating back to 480 BC. It seems that in ancient Rome there were pools (called natatio) between 4 and 90 metres large.

Water is vital to us, always has been. It will always be an ideal element for sport and will remain one of the fundamental ways to relax body and mind. 

When practising a water sport, you may have to hear a warning from a loudspeaker, receive a command or instruction from the course instructor but you may not always be able to hear or understand it well. Many times there is too much noise and when diving it is very difficult to hear sounds that are distorted by the water.

This risk with vibroacoustics is not there. Sound is transmitted perfectly below the surface of the water. Even at depth (think of the Y40 pool!). Thanks to a microphone, the instructor can speak and be heard both above and below the water.

Hearing music while underwater is also a great help for synchronised swimmers.

There are many other activities that can be done in the water and can benefit from vibroacoustics. Practice water aerobics or boxing splash, not to mention hydrobike or water grid. All these sports and many more are made more stimulating and fun when combined with music. Or rather… if you are immersed in music!


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