Who we are

VOIS TECH the future

VOIS TECH is the company that leads you directly to the future.

We at VOIS TECH have enthusiasm, passion and the ability to challenge the limits of everyday life by constantly discovering something new. Our innovative technologies can improve people’s lives at home, on job and even in unimaginable natural dimensions, such as underwater or in the garden.

What we offer is customised design with quality products and services that meet our customers’ needs in unexpected and amazing ways.

Our slogan is
Fly Beyond Dreams and thanks to us you can really do it.

We are deeply convinced that respect for others’ views and mutual trust are the basis of every personal and professional relationship.
Understanding customers’ problems, needs, wishes is the starting point of our work. We aim for constant improvement and those who work with us do the same, acting according to our values.

We are confident that only in this way can we gain the support and trust of our customers and suppliers.


Technology in all its forms is an important component of humanity’s present and future. It must always be at our service without dominating our lives and without harming the environment and biodiversity. We have (at least for the moment) only one planet to live on and we have an obligation to respect and preserve it. The Earth is not only for those who live on it in the present. It is for our children and their children. It is for every living being that inhabits it today and tomorrow.

Aware of all this, we strongly want to make our contribution and we do so by offering our products, which for us mean innovation, well-being, sustainability, reduction of energy waste, recycling of materials, expansion of space and wellness of the environment.

These are our main goals.
That is why we are committed every day, in everything we do, to find out unconventional methods and ideas, convinced that creativity and innovation are the keys to pursuing these goals.