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Water, relax and sound


It doesn’t look like it, but we are made of water (about 80 per cent); we were also immersed in water before we were born. Protected and warm.

Perhaps that is why water evokes memories of peace, well-being and protection.

Swimming helps keep you fit and, according to studies, helps release endorphins. Not only that, water shapes the body in harmony and has a positive effect on one’s mental state.

Water is one of the most natural, yet most effective ways to keep our bodies young and regenerate our minds and spirits.

When we manage to carve out time for a ‘date with water’, be it at the beach, in the pool or in the bathtub, we immediately experience a psycho-physical well-being and this becomes a valuable stress reliever. If salt or essential oils are added, the regenerative effects are enhanced.

Immersing oneself in water promotes self-listening because what is created is a modified state of consciousness: one is present and alert but, at the same time, experiences a dimension of deep relaxation similar to pre-sleep. On a cerebral level, the appearance of alpha waves occurs, the same waves that develop during rem sleep and that lead to deep regeneration on a neurophysiological level. This brings people into a kind of ‘limbo’, similar to the womb, which puts us in touch with our deepest feelings.

What about music?

Music is not just art, entertainment or pleasure, it is above all a medicine for the soul and the body. Music is one of those few activities that involves the whole brain. It is present in all cultures and has surprising benefits not only for language acquisition, memory enhancement and improved attention, but also for coordination and physical development.

Music is good for all ages, it affects the heartbeat, blood pressure, breathing. It decreases stress and acts on endorphins.

Let’s try combining the benefits of water with those of music.

Imagine going into your swimming pool, swimming and hearing the same music both on the surface and underwater, the one you like best and that makes you feel good… is it impossible?

No, it’s reality!

There are systems that can be submerged and that faithfully reproduce, as if you were at home, the music you love. The perception of sound in water is incredible.

You can swim both above and below the surface of the water, whatever the depth of your pool, immersed not only in a relaxing and familiar environment, but also in a dreamlike one. The wonder of being immersed in music!

For the more tech-savvy, for those who even underwater want to have the same comforts they have at home, there is the ability to hear calls and who knows, maybe in the not too distant future, you might even find a way to hear a phone call and answer ☺.

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