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Plants, gardens, music and life     

Are plants able to hear music? Do they have sensory perceptions?

According to the Global Times, farmers in a village in China’s Fujian province claimed that Buddhist music played in the fields helps plants increase rice production. The same increase was found around Liáng Shān, where rice production increased by 15% after 500 lotus-shaped loudspeakers were installed to flood the paddy fields with relaxing mantras.

There is no real scientific consensus on the effect of music on plant growth and well-being, but researchers at the China Agricultural University in Beijing, who supported the experiment, claim that certain sound waves (such as those found in rhythmic chants like mantras) can stimulate the pores on the leaves to absorb more sunlight.

The book Work Songs Duke (University Press) reports that certain sounds, such as those of the flute and violin, or certain music, particularly classical music, make some plants grow taller and faster, and can even bring forward the time of flowering.
The power of musical sound acts and manifests itself as a primordial force, a vibratory energy that acts on matter. Plants, precisely because they do not move, have a very strong and interdependent link with the environment.

Recently, a number of Italian and French companies have implemented music systems, especially in vine cultivation. It has been seen to improve the quality, growth and health of the grapes.
A winegrower in the Val D’Orcia, Giancarlo Cignozzi, produces his Brunello di Montalcino by playing Mozart notes in the vineyard. He has written an autobiographical book entitled ‘L’uomo che sussurra alle vigne’ (The Vineyard Whisperer) in which he talks about his decision to abandon his career as a lawyer to devote himself to viticulture and biosonicity.

The beneficial power of music on plants not only affects development and production, but also generates a positive effect in pest control thanks to sound vibrations that are unwelcome to certain pests. In this way, the use of insecticides can be avoided, or reduced.
It has been found that the best music, in repeated listening cycles to achieve visible results, is that of Mozart, Haendel and Bach.
Those who live in the city can experience the effects of their favourite classical music on the plants on their balcony or in their home and in the meantime benefit from listening to relaxing music!

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Just imagine walking barefoot on the grass, lying in the sun while listening to your favourite music. Without seeing the speakers, immersed in omnidirectional sound… it will not only be good for your plants but also good for you.
Fantasy? Magic? No, reality.

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