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Omnidirectional Music Benefits


The benefits of music and omnidirectional music

“Where there is music, there can be nothing bad.
“It doesn’t matter if you are a big fan or if a simple background music to your daily activities is enough, just know that there are many ways in which music can affect your well-being”.
(Miguel de Cervantes)

Music has always been a form of expression of human creativity and has been extensively studied by science to investigate its possible effects on humans. Its benefits have been seen to have several points in common with medicine and these relationships are being explored in the field of neurological science.

Here is an example. In the study The Neuroscience of Music, published by the Department of Psychology at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, researchers found the first scientific evidence to support claims that music influences health through neurochemical changes in four areas: reward, stimulation and satisfaction; stress and arousal; immunity; and social affiliation.

In addition, we find that it decreases stress in both healthy and ill subjects.

“The potential therapeutic effects of music listening, and thus other benefits of music, have been largely attributed to its ability to reduce stress. Listening to relaxing music (commonly thought of as instrumental music, with a slow tempo and the use of low frequencies and tones) has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety in healthy subjects, in patients undergoing invasive medical procedures (e.g. surgery, colonoscopy, dental treatment…), in paediatric patients undergoing medical treatment, and in patients with heart disease.” (source The Neurochemistry of Music)

These benefits are not only physical but also mental and spiritual. Let us not forget that in ancient cultures, music was a means of spiritual elevation and meditation.

This is true both in the East and in the West, just think of Gregorian chants.
It has been ascertained that these chants bring a number of psychophysical benefits through listening: for example, they regulate and strengthen breathing, promote the development of the auditory system, make the body vibrate, and calm and invigorate the nervous system.

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