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Bringing art to life, or art as experience


Vibroacoustics is capable of transforming a museum, i.e. a space generally thought of as a passive palimpsest for collecting works of art, into an active, living and vibrant place, capable of dialoguing with the public.

The visitor’s perception can be amplified by the dynamic interaction with the works on display, which can be “interpreted” (would you like to listen to a statue telling its story?) and also brought to life through lights, colours, scents and sounds. What the visitor experiences is a total synaesthetic involvement.

Before the pandemic radically altered our lives, preventing us from visiting exhibitions and museums in person, several international artists created immersive art installations (e.g. Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Rooms).

Currently the lockdowns are over. We hope that this desire to experience art in an experiential way does not diminish, but rather continues.

As history teaches us, after dark times, life, in all its expressions, always regains strength and vigour.

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