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Architecture and music


One of the aims of architecture and interior design is to build harmonious spaces that enhance inner well-being.

The way is study the relationship between the characteristics of the environment and the emotional feelings of the people living in a home. It has been seen, in fact, that the environment where one lives influences people’s health and well-being, and that people live and work better in contexts that are more respectful of people and the harmony of the environment.

Music can be a wonderful tool to help make an environment pleasant and serene, as long as it does not directly stimulate the auditory system. It should be an integral part of the decor, not excessive and should reflect the personality of the person living there.

What could be more magical than being in one’s own environment, surrounded by one’s favourite music without the physical encumbrance of speakers and without the sound losing quality? Is it impossible?

It is not, using the right tools and the expertise of experts it is in fact possible to transform almost any material, including lawn and water, into loudspeakers. The advantage? They are invisible, guarantee an equal musical spectrum even in very large spaces and provide complete 360° immersiveness. The generic term for this wonder, still little known to the public, is Vibroacoustics.

All materials, shapes, colours can be mixed and mingled to create the most suitable environment for everyone’s needs. If today it is fashionable to talk about sustainable building,green, urban biodiversity, and if it is right to try to create a relationship between nature and the city, we must never forget that our wellbeing and balance come from feeling good in our environment and with ourselves. Vibroacoustics helps in this.

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