Create your own environment, make it unique.
Your home, your space.

Environmental sustainability is an absolute value of primary importance. According to its principles, we promote the well-being of people in living and working spaces and the full usability of environments.

We provide technologically innovative solutions that can be used individually or through user-friendly integrated home automation, open to any brand. Our solutions favour, among other things, the reduction of waste, especially energy, less noise and electromagnetic pollution and the biocompatibility of the materials used.
There are two brands: VOIS LIVING and VOIS NEXT. Thanks to customised design, experience the unique dimension of complete interactivity with your living environment, the magic of immersive sound and absolute psychophysical well-being. All thanks to cutting-edge solutions for water and, soon, light management.



We provide different solutions according to the customer’s needs: these include a universal, multilingual and open home management platform that can also integrate third-party products through a userfriendly interface that guarantees a highly customisable and flexible solution.


Invisible sound diffusion systems of absolute quality: pure sounds with a homogenous musical spectrum even in large spaces. They are applied to almost any material in a building, including water and lawn, transforming them into loudspeakers. The sound immersion is 360°, circular, with no perception of where the sound is coming from. Do you want to hear your favourite music while immersed in the water of the swimming pool? Want to hear it while sunbathing in the garden? Now you can!



Small systems, as large as a pocket book, Flow allow the complete elimination of limescale, even from busy plants, with a strong reduction in biofilm and bacterial colonies (e.g. legionella). The hardness of the water does not change, only the physical state of the dissolved calcite and the surface tension of the water. They are easily installed, do not use electricity and do not create electromagnetic fields.
Their use increases the biocompatibility in plants, improving both their growth and longevity.

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