Descaling and Water debacterisation

Using the Earth’s natural electromagnetic field
Quantum: an innovative water treatment technology with high environmental sustainability.

Limestone has an aggregating crystalline structure that is the cause of damage to plumbing systems and is also the ideal habitat for bacterial colonies.
Quantum re-organises water molecules under an oscillatory profile inducing the physical transformation of calcium carbonate from Limestone into non-aggregating Aragonite.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, you have to think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration

(Nikola Tesla)

Resolute by nature
+ Purity – Costs = AQUA

  • Your water is hardness.
  • You have a strong presence of limescale in the plumbing system.
  • Your gas and electricity consumption for heating water continues to increase.
  • Your heating and plumbing systems have deteriorated in efficiency.
  • On the farm, you see productivity drop due to the lower efficiency of coils, heat pumps and air conditioning systems.
  • You had to install a water softener but added additional costs for the maintenance contract and consumables.
  • You have frequent leaks and breaks in pipes caused by corrosion.
  • Find out how to treat water with full respect for environmental sustainability.
  • Find out how to permanently eliminate limescale without using any chemicals.
  • Find out how to replace your water softener with a maintenance-free device.
  • Find out how to save money by reducing raw material consumption and plant maintenance time.
  • Find out how to restore plants and equipment to their full efficiency without any intervention on them.
  • Find out how to eliminate bacterial colonies such as Legionella without any sanitisation treatment.
  • Permanent removal of limescale deposits and bacterial colonies from plumbing systems.
  • We assure a considerable reduction in consumption of cleaning products, electricity and gas, and on plants and equipments maintenance’s time and costs.
  • Your systems, thermal equipment and appliances will regain their full efficiency and reliability.
  • Devices independent of the number of users and water consumption.
  • Independent of water hardness.
  • Installation with plants in full operation.
  • Installation anywhere, no need for them to be closed to pipes.
  • The devices do not require a power supply.
  • The devices are very small, the maximum size of a paperback book.
Systems for residential facilities, commercial and agricultural production companies, spas and wellness centres, hospitality, RSAs, swimming pools and sports facilities

We are appreciated because:

We assure environmental sustainability and circular economy in water treatment, through:
  • the definitive removal of limescale deposits in plumbing systems and tanks without using any chemicals;
  • a strong reduction in bacterial colonies in plumbing systems;
  • a drastic reduction in pollution related to chemical water treatments, typical of traditional technologies;
  • a considerable reduction and saving on the consumption of cleaning products, electricity, gas, maintenance time and costs of plant and equipment;
  • our devices have no power consumption and do not generate any electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields;
  • water treatment is independent of the number of users and the required flow rate;
  • treatment is independent of water hardness;
  • the chemical and organoleptic characteristics of the water, similar to spring water, are maintained. The concentration of mineral salts such as Calcium and Magnesium, essential for human health, remains unchanged.
  • Our devices can be installed away from the hydraulic system, without any shutdown of it.

In addition, we stand out because we are:

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to treat water without any energy consumption and without generating electric, magnetic or electromagnetic fields.

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to treat water with highly innovative solutions with high economic and environmental sustainability, caring for the biophysical well-being of man and the environment

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to treat water with solutions that enhance the growth of fruit and vegetables and their pesticide and fungicide resistance.

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to completely harmonise all effects of electromagnetic fields and geopathic disturbances.

  • Specialists in water treatment systems that permanently eliminate limescale and bacterial loads without the use of energy and chemicals.
  • Specialists in highly innovative solutions with high economic and environmental sustainability and a focus on personal well-being.
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Water, limescale and bacterial colonies


Is water purification sustainable?

AQUA Quantum Systems

What are AQUA devices?
They are devices that permanently remove limescale from water and significantly reduce the presence of bacteria and biofilm.
What do AQUA devices use to work?
AQUA devices incorporate a technology called Quantum that utilises the natural electromagnetic field called Modi or Schumann Resonance, which is present everywhere on the earth’s surface.

earth wave

The natural electromagnetic field is made up of three elements: the electrical and magnetic components, which transport energy, and the phase, which enables the transport of information.

AQUA devices transport waves (technically called potentials) of phase and information, not electromagnetic fields, so there is no transmission of energy.
For this reason they do not emit any radiation and do not need to be powered electrically.

What are the benefits of AQUA devices?
AQUA devices produce countless benefits and advantages in water.

  • Definitive limescale removal that reduces the adhesion mechanisms of bacteria (different strains of legionella, pseudomonas and other microbiological species such as salmonella, escherichiacoli, coliforms, colifecals, etc.) thus eliminating biofilm from the pipes.
  • Under certain circumstances, thanks to an electrochemical process of reducing the iron oxide contained in the pipes, pigmented water becomes crystal-clear again.
  • Reduction in the surface tension of the water allowing a drastic decrease in detergent consumption.
  • Increased negative ionisation of air; this is known to help create a healthier and better environment for people.
  • Promotes environmental sustainability, circular economy and innovation.
  • Reduces energy consumption.

These devices are able to harmonise the earth’s magnetic field in the environment; this leads to a strong reduction in negative effects due to geopathologies, e.g. natural magnetic radiation (groundwater, Hartmann and Curry networks, etc.) and human made electromagnetic radiation (electrosmog), i.e. domestic appliances, power grids, computers, mobile phones, cordless phones, etc. As a result, the immune system is strengthened.
In agriculture, these devices, in addition to all the effects already described, diminish anthropogenic electromagnetic interference on the biological processes of plants, making water bioavailable to plants, stabilising their homeostasis, implementing the metabolic efficiency of cultivated plants and their growth, and increasing their pesticide and fungicide resistance.
Fruit and vegetables produced therefore have extraordinary results, with a marked improvement in physical, chemical and organoleptic aspects. And their post-harvest shelf life is greatly increased.

How are limescale and bacterial charges removed?
Rainwater, in contact with the limestone rocks of the underground water table, is enriched in calcium and magnesium bicarbonates. When it then encounters a disturbing agent (e.g. hydraulic pumps, electromagnetic fields, temperature changes, stagnation or pipes creating vortices) the bicarbonates contained dissociate, producing Calcium Carbonate, Carbon Dioxide and Water, according to the formula:

Ca(HCO3)2 ⟶ CaCO3 + CO2 + H2O

Calcium Carbonate can occur in nature in two crystalline forms with identical chemical structure but different physical structure:
– calcite which is a rhombohedral crystal with a high power of aggregation and compactness;
– aragonite which is a needle-shaped crystal with a low power of aggregation and compactness.
In pipes, limestone occurs in the form of calcite forming tenacious deposits.
The accumulation of limescale forces more energy to be consumed for heating and water circulation. It is estimated that a household appliance attacked by limescale consumes up to 60 per cent more energy and suffers premature ageing with increased maintenance costs.
All industries use water in production, heating or cooling processes.
Limescale deposits form inside pipes, in the coils of boilers or in production machines for industry and can produce the following disadvantages:

  • Increased energy expenditure to reach the heating regime;
  • Pressure loss due to fouled pipes;
  • High maintenance and repair costs for the systems;
  • High expenses for cleaning and use of aggressive detergents;
  • Reduced productivity.

Excessive concentration of limescale in the water hinders the action of soaps and detergents, causing excessive consumption.

How does the device affect the organoleptic characteristics of water?
The ion structure of the precipitated salts depends on the electrodynamic characteristics of the water. The device eliminates limescale because it induces the transformation of calcium carbonate into aragonite instead of calcite. While calcite (limestone) crystals are strongly aggregating and compact, aragonite crystals are similar to weakly aggregating, needle-like filaments. Over time, the limestone already present in the pipe also detaches from the walls, turning into aragonite, which is in turn expelled from the system’s terminals.

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After a short time from the installation of the device, the water coming out of taps, showers, irrigation systems, etc. takes on a whitish colour due to the dissolved aragonite. This can also be deposited in the form of dust, which can be easily removed with a wipe with a dry cloth, without the use of chemicals. If the pipes are ferrous, the water coming out may have a reddish colour due to the removal of iron oxide.
In a few weeks, all the old encrustations are ‘washed away’ and removed by the water; once the pipe cleaning is finished, the water will come out much clearer.
Filters in water and heating systems will no longer clog. The coils of the boilers will regain their original cross-section and finally hot water can be obtained again in a matter of minutes. All this leads to savings of at least 8-10% on heating costs and 30% on hot water production costs.
Industrial plants that use water for cooling will see their cooling towers cleaned within a few weeks.

The specific surface area of water increases enormously; limescale remains in solution and is no longer deposited aggressively in boilers, water pipes, kitchen sinks, bathroom fittings, washing machines, etc.
Tap water behaves like ‘soft’ water, thus drastically reducing consumption of detergents in washing machines and dishwashers and of soaps, shampoos and bubble baths by 30 to 70 per cent.
If a softener is present, it can be deactivated; this saves electricity and salt, and eliminates repeated washing of the resins, which are essential to avoid the risks of bacterial proliferation.

How does the device affect the organoleptic characteristics of water?
The device creates an environment in which the natural electromagnetic fields are put in phase with the electromagnetic field intrinsic to the water moving in the pipes.
This forces the water’s nearly free electrons to perform an orbital jump (quantum leap), which results in a 2-3-fold increase in the energy of the molecules, hence in the mass of water; the water rotates more slowly because its resistance to bacteria increases.
For this reason, antibacterial chemicals can be reduced in swimming pools.
At the same time, molecules move closer together, thus decreasing surface tension.
In living beings, the re-aggregation of water molecules significantly increases the inner surface area of the water and, consequently, its ability to transport more oxygen, food substances and mineral salts, thus improving its metabolism.
With the device, a purer water with organoleptic characteristics close to those of the source can be obtained.
The increased oxygenation of the water also helps to reduce the bacterial load, acting on the bacteria’s adhesion mechanisms and eliminating biofilm from the pipes.
Excellent results are also obtained in the reduction of algal formations.
Does the device also act in our environment?
Yes: the device also acts on the water in the air, increasing the electronic transferability of the coherent fraction of water in the form of vapour, producing a healthy increase in negative ionisation. As a result, the air is quickly regenerated, making it pleasantly fresh, restoring a balance of positive and negative ions. Bad odours in rooms where people have smoked or cooked quickly disappear and the air becomes fresh, odourless and non-staleful.
In addition to improving water quality, you can also improve air and room quality, all through negative ionisation and harmonisation of all magnetic and electromagnetic radiation.
What is the difference between ion exchange softeners and AQUA devices?
Softeners: these devices are the most common systems in domestic and professional environments. These systems consist of a container for the resins, one for the salt – which is used to regenerate the resins – and an electronic control unit, which starts (with a frequency that generally does not exceed 4 days) the regeneration process of the resins, otherwise subject to bacterial proliferation.
The softener reduces water hardness through ion exchange. Calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) ions are in fact retained in the resins and replaced by the release of sodium (Na) ions contained in the salt.
When the sodium ions become depleted, the resins must be regenerated with salt.
The softener does not remove all the limescale because the water would become aggressive for the systems and people. This means that limescale deposits will still form, albeit more slowly; deposits already present are not removed but only reduced.
In addition:

  • it must be disinfected regularly to prevent the development of bacterial flora;
  • in the case of very hard water to be treated, the sodium content in the water reaches significant values that are harmful to health;
  • treated water, rich in sodium carbonate, when heated above 85°C, becomes aggressive and can cause so-called ‘caustic brittleness’ with sudden ruptures in pipes, boilers, radiators, etc;
  • waste water from resin regeneration is acidic with a high concentration of chlorides, highly corrosive and polluting;
  • in the industrial, commercial, hospitality and wellness sectors, the volumes of water to be treated are much higher than in civil applications; consequently there is a large consumption of water and salts needed for resin regeneration.

The water produced by softeners is ‘soft’ water but low in salts, such as calcium and magnesium – the main contributors to the ‘hardness’ of drinking water.
In addition to the risk of mineral depletion, water treated with ion exchange softeners is enriched with sodium, the excess of which is known to be harmful to the cardio-circulatory system.
Precisely for these reasons, the standards that establish potability parameters set minimum thresholds of hardness and maximum thresholds of sodium concentration. Conversely, there are no limits on the presence of mineral salts, as they are fundamental trace elements that the human body does not produce, of which water represents one of the most precious sources of daily intake.
A further problem caused by ion exchange softeners is the environmental impact. The treatment processes in fact return acidic water, with a high concentration of chlorides, which is highly corrosive and polluting.

AQUA devices: Quantum is a sustainable, non-invasive water treatment technology; it is so called because it applies quantum mechanical principles to transmit information to water, without being in contact with it.
We need to delve into these principles: first of all, let’s talk about the ‘physics’ of water.

The water molecule is composed of two Hydrogen (H2) atoms and one Oxygen (O) atom. The known formula is H2O. The atoms attract each other because the electrons of the Hydrogen are positive and are attracted towards the oxygen atom which is more electronegative.
The Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms are arranged in a V shape, with the Oxygen atom at the apex and the two Hydrogen atoms at the two tips.
Water is both a receiver and an emitter of electromagnetic signals, and when it is agitated, it becomes uniquely impregnated with substances dissolved in it, using the logic of electric dipole and magnetic clusters to store biophysical information.
Precisely because of its characteristics as a ‘dipolar liquid crystal’ and its ability to aggregate into clusters, water molecules have the capacity to store information about the substances (or places or electromagnetic fields/cosmic radiation) with which they come into contact by sharing the energies with which they resonate.
The vibration of the atoms that make up the water molecule is able to pick up vibrations of other elements or energy sources and store them.
Quantum mechanics has Find outed that subatomic particles present a
dual nature both as particles and as waves with a rotational motion that creates an electromagnetic field.
When the electron, which rotates in its orbit around the nucleus, receives a photon, it increases in energy and jumps to a higher orbit. Conversely, when it loses it, it jumps to a lower orbit.
This jump, called a quantum leap, constitutes one of the bases of the energy of matter.
All matter (both organic and inorganic) is a set of waves that vibrate and change continuously.
If the frequency wave is similar + MANCA TRAD.

How does Quantum technology interact with water?
Three elements have to be taken into account to understand the functioning of AQUA devices incorporating Quantum technology: the device, the environmental electromagnetic background, and water.
Certain materials have the ability to accommodate (make their own) coherent oscillation modes over certain degrees of freedom. Quantum technology puts the natural fields present at the installation site in phase with the electromagnetic potentials of the water. When these fields come into phase with each other, the water molecules, sensitive to them, equalise their oscillation by minimising the energy intrinsic to their state.

According to certain laws of quantum physics, water molecules do not need physical contact in order to interact with each other and their surroundings, but must be in the same electromagnetic field.
When the water molecules and the electromagnetic field have the same frequency and phase, the
system reaches the lowest energy state and becomes ‘coherent’, dissipating entropy externally.
The areas where the water molecules oscillate coherently are called coherence domains and allow the water to assume configurations (states) that are a function of interactions with the environment, allowing it, in a sense, to act as a ‘thermodynamic memory’.

The device causes the water to reach this state by modulating the phase of the
environmental electromagnetic fields within the range in which the liquid and these fields interact.
In practice, it transfers information to the water while not being in contact with it and reorganises it in an oscillatory profile. This results in new chemical-physical properties, such as the transformation of salts produced by the precipitation of solute ions in the liquid or the increase in solvent power against biofilm adhered to the water-containing surfaces of plants and more.

To sum up, the device creates an environment in which environmental fields are rephased as
to reconfigure the coherent fraction of liquid water so that the resulting chemical-physical properties are of benefit to the performance of plants and microbiological pest control methods, as well as improved bioavailability of water by plants, animals and humans.

The most obvious result after installation of the device, with regard to the problem of
lime scale, is the transformation of calcite into aragonite and thus the
reduction of pipes obstructions and the recovery of exchanger thermal yields. In addition to the removal of a multitude of microsites where bacterial charges find safe refuge.

The AQUA line devices require no maintenance; they are guaranteed for 2 years.
A single device that replaces different devices: the softener, the ioniser and the debacteriser.

How do you choose AQUA devices?
There are different devices depending:
– on the application area: residential, hospitality, industrial, wellness, sports facilities, farms;
– by the floor plan (surface area) of the ‘structure’ to be covered; the devices, depending on the model, cover from approximately 300 to 31,400 m2 (in the agricultural versions from 1.1 to 3.1 hectares);
– by the volume to be covered: we speak of the volumetric coverage radius; the devices, depending on the models, cover from approximately 4,000 to 4.100.000 m3
The devices must be placed in precise positions, as barycentric as possible to houses, buildings or the ground, defined during the design phase.
Why are AQUA devices so innovative?
The main innovation is the use of natural terrestrial electromagnetic frequencies to reorganise water molecules, without any power supply, in order to:

  • definitively eliminate limescale and, sometimes, iron oxide in water and heating systems;
  • recover the full efficiency of thermo-hydraulic systems, even with plants in full operation;
  • break down biofilm and bacterial loads in the systems (e.g. legionella);
  • greatly reduce pollution related to chemical water treatments;
  • drastically reduce consumption of detergents, acid descaling agents, soaps and shampoos;
  • obtain purer water with organoleptic characteristics similar to source water;
  • drastically increase negative air ionisation, eliminating odours in rooms;
  • drastically reduce plumbing maintenance costs;
  • achieve considerable economic savings compared to traditional systems;
  • significantly improve the growth of fruit and vegetables, as well as their pesticide and fungicide resistance;
  • reduce consumption of used water, electricity and fuel for heating;
  • have no operating costs;
  • have no electromagnetic emissions;
  • replace several traditional devices with different purposes (one device for several uses).

To sum up, we guarantee:

  • Definitive limescale removal
  • Strong reduction of bacterial colonies
  • Considerable economic savings on consumption of cleaning products, electricity, heating fuels, time and maintenance costs of plant and equipment
  • No plant shutdown
  • No maintenance

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