Tailor-made projects that make your home a cosy, unique and inimitable habitat.

Home automation solutions that turn dreams into reality.
Through the interactions between technology and the 5 senses, we can create your ideal habitat that, combined with an enveloping, invisible and amazingly natural sound, lets you live in a new, exciting dimension.
Audio and architecture… Environment and human being… Sustainability and Health: let’s discover together a new philosophy that combines environmental protection with psychophysical well-being.

Everyone has a pair of wings but only those who dream learn to fly

(Jim Morrison)


Customer Dreams become reality

The future is a scenario that can be determined; nothing is impossible. With our home automation solutions you turn your customer’s dreams into reality. Creating the ideal environment through a paradigm using light, air, space, sound and vibration captures the customer’s state of mind. You can also surprise them with an exciting new dimension that combines audio and architecture… Invisible, enveloping and extremely natural.
Environment and human being, sustainability and health: find out a new philosophy of sound diffusion that preserves the environment and improves psychophysical well-being.

When environment rhymes with sustainability

You have transformed an environment working on the architectural structure while also improving its sustainability.
You create the ideal atmosphere for the customer by changing the perception of space. You have created a new environment tailored to your client’s needs in a way that reflects their personality. If the customer wants high-quality sound, you put speakers on the walls or integrate them into the furniture. Visible and bulky.
You have designed a sustainable and bio-compatible building.
You must minimise waste without exerting serious effects on the environment and the health of those who use the home element. You have to minimise noise and electromagnetic pollution.

Systems for architects, bio-architects, interior designers and system integrators

Dream and reality

Nothing is impossible

Our home management solutions guarantee sustainability and maximum living comfort. The integrated modular home automation infrastructure allows the creation of customised scenarios on which the customer interacts freely, modifying the living environment to his liking. The home becomes his nest, a cosy refuge where every experience is possible.

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Invisible Sound

The Sound Immersion Invisibility

Our systems transform any material into a musical instrument: glass, wood, marble, plasterboard, etc… We guarantee emotions you have never experienced with PURE sounds that are neither amplified nor equalised, to immerse you in an experience totally different from any other you have ever experienced.

Respect for environment and well-being

Well-being, Sustainability, Sound Immersion Invisibility

Our systems, with much lower energy consumption than conventional loudspeakers, stress the surfaces of materials and natural elements, transforming them into musical instruments.
Immersion in an exciting sound bubble, without perception of where the sound is coming from, improves acoustic well-being and psychophysical comfort.

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  • You want to differentiate yourself from the competitors with innovative pluses to impress and attract customers.
  • You want to minimise any visual obstacles.
  • Your customers want maximum comfort in a relaxing environment tailor-made on them.
  • Your desire is to dilate spaces by encouraging dialogue between indoor and outdoor.
  • Your customers demand sound quality in an elegant, designer environment.
  • Background music must not engage the words.
  • Your goal is the reduction of energy waste.
  • You must ensure the complete sustainability of the materials used.
  • You need to reduce noise and electromagnetic pollution as much as possible.
  • Your customers want interactive and sustainable homes; they want to be able to manage them easily, flexibly and efficiently, regardless of their presence.
  • Find out how to surprise your customers by immersing them in an enveloping and extremely natural sound.
  • Find out how to make the sound invisible.
  • Find out an exciting new dimension between audio and architecture.
  • Find out sound comfort that improves psychophysical well-being.
  • Find out sound systems that guarantee a strong reduction in energy consumption.
  • Find out sound diffusion through natural elements: Lawn and Gardens.
  • Find out audio systems made with recyclable materials that generate very low electromagnetic emissions.
  • Find out how to ensure sustainability and maximum living comfort by managing these and other home management services such as energy controls, lighting, active security, video surveillance, entertainment, VoIP audio-video communications, networking, air conditioning and automations via the cloud, using user-friendly customised scenarios in integrated home automation.
  • In nature, sound is transmitted through vibrations; our systems, while transmitting insignificant vibrations to materials, create sound of the highest quality that is extremely vivid, exciting and natural.
  • We install the systems behind panels of any material that will act like the sound box of a musical instrument; no speakers or cables, everything becomes invisible.
  • the amplitude of the surfaces provides a spectacular sound image by cancelling out environmental reflections and immersing the user in an enveloping perception.
  • A single system that propagates sound over a large surface area replaces several conventional loudspeakers, allowing for a significant reduction in energy consumption.
  • Conventional loudspeakers are directional; for good listening we need to be in a precise spot.
    Our systems immerse the listener in exciting omnidirectional sound without straining the auditory system. The resulting comfort, fuelled by emotions, improves psychophysical well-being.
  • The systems are fully recyclable; they have electromagnetic emissions below the warning threshold.
  • Integration of home management systems. Imagine yourself entering your living room, waving a hand and making the magic happen: lights dim, curtains close, a delightful scent spreads in the air, a pleasant temperature is set and your favourite song starts playing, inviting you to relax. Nobody can disturb you, all the phones are muted and the external boundary is guarded by the security system.
    Comfort living is the paradigm involving the entire living environment, where light, air, space, sound, vibrations enhance the state of mind and adapt to it.

We are appreciated because:

  • we transform any material into a sound box speaker, creating customised sound systems with the materials chosen by the customer;
  • our top quality sound systems are totally invisible;
  • our systems are highly sustainable due to their ability to propagate sound across large surfaces, ensuring reduced energy consumption with very low distortion even at high volumes, while maintaining performance;
  • we guarantee unprecedented emotions with PURE sounds to immerse the user in an experience unlike any other they have ever experienced;
  • we immerse the user in a 360° sound bubble without any perception of where the sound is coming from, providing sound comfort that enhances their psychophysical well-being;
  • we guarantee a homogeneous musical spectrum even in very large spaces;
  • unlike traditional solutions, these totally invisible systems are not built-in;
  • Unlike conventional loudspeakers, even high-end ones, our systems help mitigate the ‘crowd’ effect – overlap between sound and voice; music once again becomes a real means of relaxation;
  • in home automation management we use a truly universal and open platform that, by also integrating third-party products through a user-friendly interface, guarantees a highly customisable and flexible solution.

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In addition, we stand out because we are:

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spreading sound through Natural elements: Lawn and Gardens.

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to ensure the sound harmonisation of artificial materials and natural elements.

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to design universal multilingual home management solutions.

  • Specialists in designing and building high-quality, invisible sound diffusion systems, both indoor and outdoor, capable of transforming artificial materials and natural elements into acoustic speakers.
  • Specialists in designing highly innovative low energy design-oriented audio solutions.
  • Specialists in designing universal, open and multilingual home management solutions.
  • We ensure the acoustic harmonisation of materials and elements.

PWD invisible sound diffusion systems

What are the main components of PWD (Plane Wave Device) invisible sound systems?

The main components are the exciters.

What is an exciter?
An exciter is a loudspeaker without a frame and cone, replaced by a rigid surface that vibrates to create sound. This is the reason why exciters are often called ‘invisible’ or ‘universal’ loudspeakers.
How does an exciter work?
When a signal reaches the exciter, the unit begins to vibrate and these vibrations are transferred to the surface on which it is mounted; as a result, the entire surface emits sound.
What is the difference between traditional and PWD technologies?
Traditional technology is based on the concept of pressure or SPL, hence air displacement. Our technology, on the other hand, creates noise only on the surface, then our ears connect, as in nature, to the noise. This makes it possible to use very few watts to get high volumes, very low distortion and, above all, to reach great distances without losing either quality or musical spectrum. In PWD systems, you will immediately notice that being close or far away from the speaker, you will never hear the BUMP effect that is present in all systems with traditional loudspeakers.
What are the comparative distances between traditional and PWD technologies?
To understand how traditional loudspeakers work, simply divide the speed of sound in air (340 m/s) by the three fundamental frequencies (100 Hz, 1000 Hz, 10000 Hz), thus:
Woofer – 340:100 = 3.40 m Mid range – 340:1000 = 0.34 m Tweeter – 340:10000 = 0.034 m
This means that in almost 100 years of history, very powerful amplifiers and loudspeakers have been invented to move the sound front further and further away, but, as you may have noticed, standing in front of the loudspeaker the volume will be very high, then as you move away from it the volume will drop and with it the sound output. Another problem is the diffusion of the mid range, which, apart from being 34 cm from the loudspeaker itself, has an emission angle of between 90 and 130°. The performance is worse in the tweeter, which has an emission of 3.4 cm and an angle of between 8 and 15°.
This is the reason for having to be exactly in the centre of the sound scene, otherwise you will have a left or right preponderance, which is totally wrong in listening.
Our system, on the other hand, precisely because of its basic characteristics, diffuses over all frequencies at 360°, so even if you move within a space, you will never have the sensation of loss of audio nor the perception of different volumes between PWDs.
How can you define the PWD system?
It can be defined as a system that uses micro vibrations, a planar wave emission, i.e. the whole surface resonates unlike a speaker that has a point emission.
Are the vibrations of the PWD system visible on the surface on which it is mounted?
Because the vibrations are small and propagate very quickly over a surface that is larger than a typical loudspeaker, its movement is not visible to the listener. By touching the surface, a very slight vibration can be felt.
What is the basic setting of PWDs?
The basic setting of the PWDs is simply FLAT, i.e. designed and built on the basis of instruments that are neither amplified nor equalised, such as piano, sax, acoustic guitar, etc..
This means that the emotions felt when listening to these systems are due to the fact that they immerse the listener in a totally different world from the traditional one.
Where can I use PWDs?
PWD systems can be mounted behind or inside indoor or outdoor surfaces, transforming them into high-quality, totally invisible loudspeakers.
The perception of sound through natural materials and outdoor elements, lawn and gardens, is amazing.
I would like to apply your PWD systems, but I don't know how best to do it. Can you help me?
Yes. You have to take into account that each material, with the same sound track, has a different performance: depending on their density and crystalline structure, materials sound differently.
Technically, they are said to have different frequency responses.
For this reason we do not recommend installing them yourself, you might be disappointed. Calibration of the materials by a qualified installer is always necessary.
We therefore advise you to use our services.
We are in fact the only ones to harmonise the sound performance of materials and natural elements.
What are the applications of PWD systems?
The applications are manifold: ranging from residential to office, as well as industrial, marine etc..
The versatility of our systems allows us to interface with the main home automation languages for very complex applications, even though they are extremely simple to control with a tablet, smartphone or other personal device.
PWD systems are an optimal choice in a wide range of applications such as:

  • Home theatre and multi-room audio
  • Boats, cars, planes and other means of transport
  • Retail product displays, advertising signage or multimedia displays
  • Showers, bathtubs, steam rooms and saunas
  • Pools
  • Schools, offices, conference rooms, auditorium, etc.
  • Outdoor installations: terraces, patios, porches, sheds and more
  • Furniture, walls and other places in the home
Can PWD systems only be installed in buildings under construction and renovation or also in finished structures?
The systems can be installed both in renovation and in already furnished rooms. They can be placed behind or above a piece of furniture, behind a mirror, behind a partition wall, in a garden, even in a swimming pool.
Why are PWD systems so innovative?
The main innovation is the total invisibility of the SOUND IMMERSION: listening is very natural and immersive, absolutely new in the audio scene. Another innovation is the SURROUND system, which unlike the others has an impressive reaction speed, coming out at 180° across all frequencies and immersing the listener directly into the scene.
To sum up: absolute quality, sound transmitted at significant distances, equal spectrum even over very large spaces, sound immersion, no perception of origin and totally invisible.

To sum up, we guarantee:

  • Sound Invisibility
  • 360° sound immersiveness
  • Crowd effect mitigation: overlapping sound and voice
  • Homogeneous musical spectrum even in very large spaces
  • Sound comfort to improve psychophysical well-being
  • Very low energy consumption
  • Sustainability – all recyclable components and low energy consumption
  • Electromagnetic emissions below the attention threshold
  • Comfort living through a home automation management platform that allows control of all services in a simple and flexible way

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