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Which products and services do you provide?

VOIS TECH designs and installs innovative technological systems designed for the wellbeing of the person within his or her habitat, both at home or at work.
We supply customised solutions that contribute to improving the overall well-being of the user, both in the emotional and physical spheres.

We are a company that has developed an interesting system for you. Can I contact you and propose it?
Absolutely, we are always looking for innovative technologies that can improve the well-being of people and the environment.
Do you operate only in Switzerland or also in other countries?
VOIS TECH is a company founded in early 2021, but the two founding partners have 30 years of multidisciplinary expertise in science and technology.
Today we are working with partners in Switzerland and Italy. The aim is, in the medium term, to serve all countries on the European continent.
Who are your Target Clients?
We address plant design studios, architects, bio-architects, interior designers, property owners, hospitality, SPAs, commercial, manufacturing and agricultural enterprises.
What Value can your products and services give me?
Thanks to our contribution you differentiate yourself from the competitors with innovative new solutions that will impress your customers and attract new ones.
You will be able to realise customised living and working environments that use light, air, space, sound and vibration to capture the user’s state of mind and transform their dreams into reality.
You will live in spaces that expand in a continuous dialogue between inside and outside.
Minimise energy waste with economically and environmentally sustainable solutions.
Use specially designed home & building management infrastructures to optimise services and maximise energy containment.
Contribute to the sustainable recovery of waste water by reducing pollution from chemicals and detergents.
What is the flagship product and service that makes the difference compared to competitors and is the company's pride?
All the products we offer are very good, so innovative that they are often little known. They are often novelties, but once they are known, the customer appreciates them enormously.
What we offer our customers is customised design with high-quality products and services that meet their needs and fulfil their desires in an unexpected and exciting way.
Our motto is ‘Fly Beyond Dreams’ and we translate the dream into reality.
Understanding our customers’ problems, needs, and wishes is our boast.
We deeply believe that respect for others opinions and mutual trust are the basis of any personal and professional relationship.
Who are your competitors?
Manufacturers of home automation management infrastructures, sound diffusion systems and water treatment systems. As we are constantly discovering new wellness innovations, it is very likely that more will be added in the future.
We have ‘indirect’ competitors using traditional technologies different from ours that, besides being less innovative, in many cases by their very nature do not allow us to meet the core principles of environmental and economic sustainability contained in the UN 2030 Agenda.
We are all intimately connected to the environment: our psycho-physical well-being also derives from there.
Do you design and build the installations you propose?
We directly take care of the planning of the installations up to the final execution; for the installation we use partners and system integrators in Switzerland and Italy.