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Water and sport


Water and sport

We know this, we have studied it extensively at school. Water is the most important source of life on our planet.  The human body is about 70 per cent water. Water is a solvent; it is precious and indispensable for our organism and all its functions.

We must drink enough, about 2 litres a day, from the morning when we get up to when we go to sleep. We must not risk dehydration, and not only in the warm months. Also in winter.

These are valid suggestions for everyone, especially for those who do sport, who must hydrate well before each training session, before the start of a competition, during it and at the end of the competition. This is to replenish the fluids that have been lost through sweating, to rebalance the water and mineral salts lost during physical activity, and to regulate body temperature to ensure the correct blood flow to body organs and tissues.

It is important, therefore, that the athlete or sportsman always has the opportunity to drink water, even from the tap. And that it is water that is not only controlled and clean, but also organoleptically good. It should no longer be necessary to rely on refrigerated dispensers for mineral water.

With AQUA you can. Always and everywhere.

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