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AQUA… for a Better world


AQUA… for a better world.

For us at VOIS TECH, planet Earth is everything. It is our world, our home. We have a responsibility towards the Earth and all the living beings that inhabit it. We must protect and respect it. For us, for our children and for their children.
In accordance with the Agenda 2030 principles of environmental sustainability, with AQUA we propose a highly innovative, unique system that improves our lives and saves money at the same time.

What can AQUA do?

It permanently eliminates limescale in water installations even in full operation. This significantly reduces the consumption of detergents, acid descaling agents, soaps and shampoos, as well as reducing the costs for system maintenance.
This leads to a net reduction in the use of water, electricity and fuel gas for heating, and less pollution for our seas.
At a time in history like this, not wasting (and not destroying) should become a must for everyone!
It is able to break down the biofilm and bacterial charges present in the systems (e.g. legionella); in this way we have purer water with organoleptic characteristics close to those of the source.
It increases the negative ionisation of the air because it acts on the water in the environment; this creates a healthier environment for people and without unpleasant odours.
In agriculture, these devices act on the biological processes of plants, making water bioavailable to plants. They improve the metabolic efficiency of cultivated plants and their growth, increasing both their pesticide and fungicide resistance and their physical, chemical, organoleptic characteristics and post-harvest durability.
What’s more… it needs no plumbing, electrical or masonry work for installation and is compatible with all plants and structures. And it has no running costs because it consumes no energy!

This planet is our home… we must never forget that.

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