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AQUA, calcite and aragonite


Why does AQUA work?

The ion structure of the precipitated salts depends on the electrodynamic characteristics of the water. The device eliminates limescale because it induces the transformation of calcium carbonate into aragonite instead of calcite. While calcite (limestone) crystals are strongly aggregating and compact, aragonite crystals are similar to weakly aggregating filaments. Over time, the limestone already present in the pipe also detaches from the walls and turns into aragonite, which is then ejected from the terminals of the system.

What happens after installation?

Much depends on the initial conditions of the installation. Shortly after installation, the water coming out of taps, showers, irrigation systems, etc. has a whitish colour precisely because of the dissolved aragonite. This can also be deposited in the form of dust, which can be easily removed with a wipe with a dry cloth, without the use of chemicals.

Within a few weeks, all the old incrustations are ‘washed away’ and removed from the water; once the pipework has been cleaned, the water will come out much clearer.

Filters in water and heating systems no longer clog. The coils of boilers regain their original cross-section and hot water can finally be obtained again in a matter of minutes.

Industrial plants that use water for cooling see their cooling towers progressively cleaned within a few weeks.

All this results in considerable savings on maintenance and the lifespan of the plants themselves.

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