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AQUA and quantum mechanics


AQUA devices incorporate a technology called Quantum, which is sustainable and non-invasive for water treatment. It is so called because it applies quantum mechanical principles to transmit information to water, without being in contact with it.

What is the ‘physics’ of water and why is it important to know?

The water molecule is composed of two Hydrogen (H2) atomsand one Oxygen (O) atom. The known formula is H2O.Hydrogen atoms are electropositive and are attracted towards the oxygen atom, which is more electronegative.

The Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms are arranged in a V-shape, with the Oxygen atom at the apex and the two Hydrogen atoms at the two tips.

Water is both a receiver and an emitter of electromagnetic signals, and when agitated it becomes uniquely impregnated with substances dissolved in it, using the logic of electric dipole and magnetic clusters to store biophysical information.

Precisely because of its characteristics as a ‘dipolar liquid crystal’ and its ability to aggregate into clusters, water molecules have the capacity to store information about the substances (or places or electromagnetic fields/cosmic radiation) with which they come into contact by sharing the energies with which they resonate.

The vibration of the atoms that make up the water molecule is able to pick up vibrations of other elements or energy sources and store them.

Quantum mechanics has discovered that subatomic particles present a dual nature both as particles and as waves with a rotational motion that creates an electromagnetic field.

When the electron, which rotates in its orbit around the nucleus, receives a photon, it increases in energy and jumps to a higher orbit. Conversely, when it loses it, it jumps to a lower orbit.

This jump, called a quantum leap, constitutes one of the bases of the energy of matter.

All matter (both organic and inorganic) is a set of waves that vibrate and change continuously.

If the frequency wave is similar to another and in phase (the peaks are in synchrony) the energy doubles, if the peaks are opposite the waves cancel out.

Information consists of frequencies of different origins and water has the property of absorbing and transmitting these frequencies.

Material suspended in water can be removed by various filtering methods, but the cluster structure remains alive and constitutes ‘the memory of water’.

The water we drink transports nutrients and penetrates our cells, allowing the exchange and constant rebuilding of our organism.

Three elements have to be taken into account to understand how AQUA devices work: the device, the environmental electromagnetic background and the water.

Certain materials have the ability to accommodate (make their own) coherent oscillation modes over certain degrees of freedom. Quantum technology puts the natural fields present at the installation site in phase with the electromagnetic potentials of the water. When these fields come into phase with each other, the water molecules, sensitive to them, equalise their oscillation by minimising the energy intrinsic to their state.

According to certain laws of quantum physics, water molecules do not need physical contact in order to interact with each other and their surroundings, but must be in the same electromagnetic field.

When the water molecules and the electromagnetic field have the same frequency and phase, the system reaches the lowest energy state and becomes ‘coherent’, dissipating entropy to the outside world.

The areas where the water molecules oscillate coherently are called coherence domains and allow the water to assume configurations (states) that are a function of interactions with the environment, allowing it, in a sense, to act as a ‘thermodynamic memory’.

The device causes the water to reach this state by modulating the phase of the ambient environmental electromagnetic fields within the range in which the liquid and these fields interact.

In practice, it transfers information to the water while not being in contact with it and reorganises it in an oscillatory profile. This results in new chemical-physical properties, such as the transformation of salts produced by the precipitation of solute ions in the liquid or the increase in solvent power against biofilm adhered to the water-containing surfaces of plants and more.

To sum up, the device creates an environment in which environmental fields are re-phased in so as to reconfigure the coherent fraction of liquid water so that the resulting chemical-physical properties are of benefit to the performance of plants and microbiological pest control methods, as well as improved bioavailability of water by plants, animals and humans.

The most obvious result after installation is the transformation of calcite into aragonite and, consequently, the reduction of tubular obstructions and the recovery of heat exchanger yields. In addition to the removal of a multitude of microsites where bacterial charges find safe refuge.

AQUA is a device that can replace different devices: the softener, the ioniser and the debacterialiser.

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